Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Effective & Reliable Add On Partner

GoSkippy is a consumer brand from Somerset Bridge predominantly focussed on motor insurance for private car, van and bike owners.

Coplus has provided add on products to GoSkippy since 2013, and in 2020 added Accidental Death and Personal Accident (ADPA) to the portfolio.

For GoSkippy having a partner that can be relied upon is of paramount importance. The business values its supplier relationships very highly and maintains long term partnerships that are mutually beneficial.

The success of the new ADPA scheme is testament to the success of GoSkippy’s approach. Take up of the product has been high with good penetration against the brands demographics. The benefits are threefold; a product which is fulfilling the customer needs, meeting the commercial objectives for GoSkippy, supported by proactive account management and management information provision.

Loyalty to suppliers is part of the GoSkippy approach, deriving overall better outcomes through discussion and development with a supplier in order to make product or service improvements. This is a feature of the open and transparent relationship with Coplus which is the basis for continued growth and success for both companies.

“Coplus is a key partner for GoSkippy being proactive and hands on. Management Information is provided like clockwork and any questions I raise are quickly addressed. It’s a great relationship which gives us all we need; the right products for our target audience, good commercial benefits and it works for Coplus so it's sustainable.”

Paul Hellings, Head of Customer Experience & Partnerships, Somerset Bridge Insurance Services Limited