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Gadget Insurance

Gadget Insurance protects items like tablets, smartphones, e-readers and laptops which are part of our everyday lives. Devices that are designed to be easy to transport whilst being very valuable.

Whilst a household contents insurance policy may provide some cover for these items there could be restrictions such as the type of incident the policy will cover.

Our gadget insurance can be sold as a standalone policy or alongside another insurance and provides comprehensive cover for loss, theft, accidental damage and breakdown.

Cover provided by Gadget Insurance

Extensive Range image

Extensive Range

Including mobile phones, tablets, Sat Nav, laptop, camera, portable DVD player

Family Included image

Family Included

Covers the policyholder and immediate family

Worldwide Cover image

Worldwide Cover

Can be included for up to 90 days

Fraudulent Calls image

Fraudulent Calls

Reimbursement for calls made following mobile phone loss or theft

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