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Commercial Legal Expenses Service Hero Commercial Legal Expenses Service Hero

Commercial Legal Expenses

Cover for Commercial Legal Expenses is a complete insurance advice and claims management solution to reduce the risk of litigation and ensure the best possible support for a business in the event of a claim. Coplus is a leading legal insurance provider.

Our comprehensive products cover an all risk solution for sole traders through to medium sized businesses. Available though schemes with our insurance partners and available through our Brokerplus e-trading platform.

Commercial Legal Expenses cover for all risks

Legal costs image

Legal costs

Any one claim £100,000, up to a total aggregate amount in any one period of insurance of £1,000,000

Business Aspect Enquiries image

Business Aspect Enquiries

Cover up to £2,000 in tax investigations

Jury Service image

Jury Service

An allowance of up to £5,000

Witness Attendance Allowance image

Witness Attendance Allowance

An allowance of up to £5,000

Additional benefits with Commercial Legal Expenses cover

Lawphone icon


24/7/365 legal advice from an in house qualified lawyer

Free Tax Advice icon

Free Tax Advice

Free advice on business tax matters

Free Legal Health Check icon

Free Legal Health Check

Helping ensure the right policies, procedures and documents are in place to protect the business

Uninsured Legal Action icon

Uninsured Legal Action

Discounted fees on legal actions for a commercial matter not covered under the policy

Crisis Response Services icon

Crisis Response Services

Discount on best practice advice for crisis communication, review of policies and media training

Undisputed debt recovery service icon

Undisputed debt recovery service

Discounted legal fees for action on undisputed debts over £250

Law Guides icon

Law Guides

Detailed, easy to read and searchable law guides cleverly designed to link to the necessary documents your business needs

Click Legal icon

Click Legal

An online platform designed to remove the legal worry of running a business, helping customers to be compliant and avoid costly legal fees

Solicitor Employment Support icon

Solicitor Employment Support

Discount on assistance with redundancy programmes or guidance on internal disciplinary processes

Legal Templates icon

Legal Templates

Access to over 140 legal templates which can save time and money in preparing complex, legally binding contracts and policies

Alternatively, our ‘Tradesman’ policy is ideal of Sole Traders and includes:

Legal costs icon

Legal costs

Legal costs: any one claim £100,000, up to a total aggregate amount in any one period of insurance of £1,000,000

Criminal Prosecutions icon

Criminal Prosecutions

Criminal Prosecutions. Defence of the insured in a criminal court, and appeals against a Service of Improvement or Prohibition Notice under Health & Safety and Food Safety Legislation

Tax Protection icon

Tax Protection

Tax Protection including costs incurred as a result of a HMRC full enquiry which includes a request to examine all of their books and records, PAYE disputes arising following a compliance review and a VAT dispute following a visit undertaken by HMRC

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