Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Adrian Flux Reappoints Coplus as Claims Partner 

Adrian Flux, one of the largest independent brokers in specialist and classic car insurance has reappointed Coplus as claims partner for a further three year contract, following a competitive market tender.

The tender process carried out by Adrian Flux was designed to test suppliers capability to provide “a market leading claims experience which is convenient, uncomplicated with no repetition or repercussions.” This aim, for less complexity for customers, is shared by Coplus and is being delivered through a project known as FNOL 2.0.

FNOL 2.0 is a transformed approach to motor FNOL between brokers, outsourced providers and insurers, and is based on a concept referred to by Coplus as ‘First Call Resolution’.

First Call Resolution is about removing duplication with other parties in the claim, joining up operations and streamlining the process for the customer. When the customer makes the initial claim report whatever services are required are instigated within that first contact giving the claimant certainty and reassurance about what will happen next.

In FNOL 2.0 Coplus and Adrian Flux are collaborating with Flux’s insurer panel in order to identify how the parties can work together more efficiently for the customer’s benefit.

Lee Westwood, Customer Manager at Adrian Flux Insurance Services commented,

“Coplus operate as an extension of our business, sharing similar values and we trust them to represent Adrian Flux and all associated brands in the correct way. They demonstrate an excellent understanding of our business and provide exceptional support to our customers.

Coplus offer innovative thinking around the whole claims process giving customers a simplified claims experience. Their adaptability and positive approach has been key to our long and successful relationship and we look forward to working together over the next three years.”

Jason Tripp, Managing Director at Coplus added:

“Adrian Flux as a brand is renowned for customer care and we are proud to have been their trusted partner for such a long time. The next three years are going to herald some exciting changes, more delegated authority through our supply chain, more system integration and new claim technologies for customers are all in the pipeline.”

In addition to FNOL 2.0 another factor in the contract renewal with Coplus was the insight the motor legal provider has shown in response to the Personal Injury reforms. The decision to retain Coplus, whose “Whiplash Ready’ motor legal solution is ready now, will ensure Adrian Flux is prepared ahead of the reforms.

This most recent contract agreement with Adrian Flux follows a number of major motor claims deals for Coplus in the past 6 months including regional specialist and Broker Network member Saffron, and a renewed contract with IGO4 for all of their motor business including the WiseDriving telematics scheme.  Along with this recent contract renewal with Adrian Flux, Coplus estimate they now manage a total of 25% of the whole broker motor FNOL market.

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